Who We Are

openwater.in is a spinoff from the Flexible Electronics Lab, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. We aim to make water treatment and wastewater management hassle-free.

Our Philosophy

Safe drinking water is a basic human right and yet so many are deprived of this. Of all the inequities in this world - this is the first and foremost - since it undermines the very basis of the victim’s physical existence. Our goal is to eliminate this injustice. While there are many approaches to providing safe drinking water, most routes concentrate this power away from the common user. If it is a centralized water purification facility, the power lies with the government; if the technology is based on expensive or hard to procure materials, the power lies with the manufacturer and the experts. It rarely ever lies with the common user. We envision a technology that puts this power to acquire safe drinking water from any source into the hands of the user - anyone, anywhere. The essence of our technology is that it permits a person who has access to any source of water to generate clean water for themselves. We also hope its ease of use encourages the practice of waste water management thereby saving water. Help us be successful. Let no one be denied clean water.

We can offer you


No Membranes, No Synthesized Chemicals, Minimal Maintenance


Available for individuals and communities.


Get drinking water from any source of water.

No Water Wastage

High throughput by saving water.

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